Teaching at Tango Differente @ Ponderosa, Stoltzenhagen (near Berlin), Germany

Picture by Martin B. Aires

Tango Differente at Ponderosa was a full week of teaching and exchanging ways of blending tango with other movement practices. Many participants worked with tango and contact improvisation. In my own teaching, I summarized both my own research and what I saw of others research during this week as two distinct ways of merging tango and CI. 1) By moving smoothly from typical tango patterns to typical CI patterns and back. E.g. starting in caminata, going to the floor into rolling and surfing, and going back up to caminata 2) By taking the techniques for leading and following used in tango and using them in a CI jam setting. E.g. using the principle of the sacada (one person moving into the space another person leaves) and allowing one person to move in a variety of ways other than stepping – including doing floor work.

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