Develop yourself to develop your business

Claus Springborg

CoCreation assists successful leaders to further develop three interlinked aspects of leadership:

  1. Leadership presence: The capacity to offer confident, supportive, courageous, inspiring, empathetic, appreciative and powerful leadership
  2. Co-creation: The capacity to engage in and to facilitate co-creative dialogue – increasing the robustness and quality of the organisation’s decision-making processes
  3. Community Building: The capacity to create strong and engaged communities – both internally in the organization among employees and externally to the organization among customers and partners – adds energy and momentum to the organisation.

CoCreation uses methods based on a combination of

  • The newest cognitive research
  • Various systems of personal and spiritual development
  • Knowledge sharing with other successful leaders.

Together leadership presence, co-creation/dialogue and community building drive organizational performance, positively impact the bottom line, and boost leaders’ own careers.

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