Poetics of the Unsolvable

3 talks on art-based methods in leader development
You are invited to a 2-hour presentation on the results of 3 years research into the use of art-based methods in leader development. I will give the talk three times in different locations. I hope one of these will fit your calendar. You are welcome to bring anyone, who are interested. Just send a mail to let me know when you come.

  • May 21st, 15-17 at CBS, S20, Porcelænshaven 22, Råvarebygningen, 2000 Frederiksberg
  • May 27th, 15-17 at Resonans, Hauser Plads 32, 2, 1127 Copenhagen K
  • May 28th, 8-10 at DPU, A405, Tuborgvej 164, 2400 København NV

The question: Can creation of art help managers solve seemingly unsolvable problems?

The data: In 2013, I spoke with 60 managers from a wide range of organizations based in DK. The topic was seemingly unsolvable problems they faced in their work life – Gordian knots so to speak. Together we looked at these problems through either conversation-based or art-based methods. I have now analysed over 90 hours of interviews, 60 poems, and a large number of photographs and both abstract and figurative drawings.

The result: It is possible to imagine solutions to what may have seemed, for many years, to be an unsolvable managerial problem. However, the way problems are formulated, what methods are used and when they are used, and the kind of focus used in the initial stages of the process all have a very direct impact on kind of what kind of insights we can get – and ultimately on whether we can come up with radically new solutions.

Sign up: To sign up, please send a mail and tell me what day and how many you will come: mail: claus@cocreation.dk

Researcher and consultant: All talks will be given by Claus Springborg, PhD student at Cranfield School of Management.

I’d like to give a big thanks to all who participated in the Ph.D. project.

One thought on “Poetics of the Unsolvable

  1. Very interesting to participate both in your research and the following talks.
    I have learned a lot from Claus’ approach and it is a relief to discover that viewing something as a problem is solely a result of my own thinking, and by describing the issue through art, I can actually change my perception of it, and thereby see new ways of handling it (or maybe rather myself in relation to it).
    Try it out! You only risk getting rid of a problem 😉

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