Leading Dialogue

A two-day programme for leaders, visionaries and coaches who want to lead powerful conversations that make a difference.

Conversations are at the heart of organisations. When you improve the quality of conversations that occur in the organisation, you improve the quality of decision-making, conflict-resolution, strategy-development, innovation, etc.

Top-performing teams know how to avoid getting stuck in either stubborn argumentation or polite conversation that doesn’t address the real issues. Instead they have conversations that leverages disagreement and draw on the team’s collective intelligence to find powerful solutions to key challenges.

Leading Dialogue is a skill-building programme that provides practical tools for analysing and elevating conversations resulting in increased performance and well-being.

Who will benefit from the programme?

This programme is created for managers and employees who wish to expand their leadership skillset. The course is relevant whether you work in the private, public or not-for-profit sectors and whether you primarily lead dialogues in your own team, between departments, or between groups of organisational stakeholders with different perspectives informed by different interests, objectives, and professional background.

What are the benefits?

Research shows that improving dialogue has measurable positive impact on team performance, customer satisfaction, and organisational profitability.

Participants find that the programme gives them practical tools to:

  • Leverage other people’s intelligence and diverse perspectives
  • Move beyond the “same old” disagreements and fragmented teams
  • Skilfully intervene when teams or systems are stuck in unhelpful patterns of thinking in ways that bring forth new perspectives and possibilities for coherent action
  • Mobilise people’s energy towards organisational objectives
  • Lead conversations that drive innovation, improve performance and lift productivity and well-being
  • Build bridges between organisational silos
  • Move from in-fighting and fire-fighting to collaboration informed by shared purpose and strategic direction

What will you learn?

On this programme you will learn how to:

  • Create the optimal conditions for high-quality conversations to occur
  • Identify different types of conversations and adjust your leadership style accordingly
  • Use dialogue to improve decisions, collaborations, productivity, innovations, and well-being.
  • Use dialogue as a strategic tool to engage collective intelligence and mobilise energy for collective action towards organisational objectives
  • Identify and develop your untapped dialogical potentials

What is the teaching approach?

The programme is an energising mix of practical exercises, personal reflections, short presentations of relevant models and research, and group dialogue.

The theory and models are drawn from a broad area of relevant fields, including experimental and applied psychology, cognitive science, systemic thinking and organisational dialogue.

To ensure relevance, the course focuses on working with the participants’ own challenges. Prior to the programme participants are offered a half-hour meeting with Claus Springborg to align learning objectives.

What People Say

“Claus is a world leader in his approach to coaching and personal development. He helps to provide great clarity, increased self awareness, choice and clear guidance on how to resolve challenging situations. I really appreciate his breath of knowledge across a number of disciplines, non-judgemental way of working, calm and light approach and the powerful insights he provides, resulting in the ability to make real and sustained changes. I highly recommend Claus as a coach.”

Caroline McCoy
Organisational Psychologist,
2 Balance Consulting

“It’s amazing to see how quickly and powerfully these techniques can work. And the embodied perspective brought considerably more energy to the decision making process. Great stuff!”

Daved Barry
Professor of Communication
Clarkson University, NY

“I am constantly amazed at the power of Claus’ interventions. Claus somehow simplifies the process of transformational change. He takes the drama and fear out of everyday issues and blocks. He works with such grace and focus.”

Craig Douglas
Chariman of the board
Tribalogics Ltd, Edinburgh

Claus Springborg

Claus Springborg, Ph.d.

Claus Springborg is a leadership consultant, author, and lecturer at Copenhagen Business School.

With a PhD from Cranfield School of Management on practices that can help leaders to solve seemingly unsolvable problems, Claus has over ten years experience teaching entrepreneurship, management theory and personal development.

As the author of the book Sensory Templates and Managerial Cognition - Art, Cognitive Science and Spiritual Practices in Management Education (Palgrave Macmillan 2018) Claus enables leaders to improve their effectiveness by deepening their presence.

Using an evidence-based approach, Claus brings humanistic principles, precision, reflexivity and humour to his teaching and consulting work.