Leadership Development

I offer leadership development both for management teams and for individuals. For teams, I offer workshops of one or more days. For individuals, I offer online consultations.

As a leader/manager on any level of the organization, you face problematic situations, which have clear, negative impact on organizational performance, and which you do not know how to solve in a satisfactory way. Different leaders/managers may have different ‘unsolvable’ problems, but all have such problems. And working with exactly these problems makes leadership development highly relevant to the individual leader/manager.

Based on research, I carried out at Cranfield School of Management from 2010 to 2014, I have developed a unique approach to leadership development. This approach is particularly good at transforming seemingly unsolvable problems into solvable problems. I call this approach to leadership development: Aesthetic Inquiry.

What makes Aesthetic Inquiry unique is that it uses art and meditation techniques to work directly with the way in which leaders/managers use their sensory-motoric brain centers to perceive the problematic situations. The research showed that this way of working could lead to radically new ways of perceiving the problem and, therefore, to radically new ways of dealing with it. In other words, Aesthetic Inquiry can transform seemingly unsolvable problems into solvable ones.

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