Talks & Workshops

I offer talks and workshops. Talks are typically one to two hours and workshops are typically half or whole day. Both talks and workshops are designed as interactive and engaging experiences and the content is always customized to the specific audience. My style of teaching is inspiring, passionate, and humorous.

I have given talks and workhsops in many places, such as, Mærsk Oil, Via University College, Copenhagen Business School, Cranfield School of Management, LAICS (Leadership and Innovation in Complex Systems), IEDC Bled School of Management, Spinnerihallerne, Resonans, and others.

Some of my best talks and workshops are:

  • The interplay of leading and following: What leaders can learn from dancers
  • Images of organizations: Creating representations of your organization in various media, such as poetry, moldable plastic, photography, and 3D models, can deepen conversations about the organization.
  • Leaders coming to their senses: Discovering new sensations can revolutionize thought and action
  • Creative collaboration: Lessons from co-creating artists
  • Stress handling
  • Mindfulness

You are also welcome to contact me regarding other topics, you find interesting.