Working with True Confidence, Courage, Inspiration, Empathy & Power

Different leadership ideologies encourage leaders to be confident, supportive, courageous, inspirational, empathetic, appreciative, and/or powerful. It seems obvious that possessing such leadership qualities will enhance a leaders’ ability to pursue both organisational and personal objectives effectively. However, enacting and embodying these leadership qualities, will, for many leaders, take a lot of energy and will, therefore, not be sustainable. Trying always to be confident or inspirational can be exhausting. Trying always to be supportive, appreciative, and empathetic quickly leads leaders to override feelings of frustration and anger and, in the long run, to various health issues. The reason it can be difficult to embody leadership qualities is that many of the ideas about how leaders should go about doing this are based on an outdated and inefficient understanding of the human mind and psyche. In this course, you will be introduced to a model of the human mind and psyche that is based on a fusion between old wisdom traditions and new cognitive science. We will explore the essential leadership qualities and the common misconceptions surrounding each of these. Changing how you think about the nature of leadership qualities will enable you to enact and embody leadership qualities with much less effort and in much more sustainable ways. The course will unfold over eight months with one whole day session each month. In each session, we work with one leadership quality.


The course is an energizing mix of practical reflective exercises, short presentations of relevant research, and group dialogue. To ensure relevance, the course focuses on working with the participants’ own challenges.

Learning Objectives

  • Enact and embody leadership qualities in effortless and sustainable ways
  • Identify and disengage from limiting, unconscious beliefs about leadership qualities 
  • Identify and disengage from inefficient ways of enacting and embodying leadership qualities – based on the above-mentioned beliefs.

Claus Springborg, PhD and lecturer at CBS

10+ years of experience teaching leadership and cocreation skills, management theory, systems of personal development, and entrepreneurship as an executive educator and as a lecturer at business schools across Europe. Being active as publishing academic, entrepreneur and social entrepreneur, I’m passionate about developing theories through practice and for practice. In my teaching, I value humanistic principles, precision, reflexivity, and humour