Mette Munk“Very interesting to participate both in your research and the following talks. I have learned a lot from Claus’ approach and it is a relief to discover that viewing something as a problem is solely a result of my own thinking, and by describing the issue through art, I can actually change my perception of it, and thereby see new ways of handling it (or maybe rather myself in relation to it). Try it out! You only risk getting rid of a problem ;-)“, Mette Munk Andresen, Owner, teacher, dancer at
Tom Elberling“Claus is a true musical and communicative talent. In essence, he is able to talk passion into his sessions and his creative teaching approach to music and strong communication skills spills over into his more business oriented workshops”, Tom Elberling, Strategist, Marketing & B2B Sales Manager
Anja Riis Tüchsen Hofgaard“For a very different approach to innovation”, Anja Riis Tüchsen Hofgaard, Consultant Conflictresolution, HR and Leadership
Daved Barry“It’s amazing to see how quickly and powerfully these techniques can work. Within a relatively short time, the class was able to try out and decide between numerous performance options that they’ve been considering (around presenting their observations to the organization they’ve been working with this semester). And the embodied perspective brought considerably more energy to the decision making process. Great stuff!”, Daved Barry, Professor at Copenhagen Business School
Carlotte Grum“Claus is a highly focused authentic teacher and workshop leader walking his talk while explaining complex dynamics in an easy and informative way.”, Charlotte Grum, Visual artist